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Enhancing operational performance

We have built a leading PLM position in the industry based on a wide range of digital transformation engagements with Aerospace, Aviation, Transportation, Defence and Energy companies. Find out more about our capabilities with this selection of projects we have carried out.

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PLM Scoping on digital continuity
As part of an in-depth transformation project initiated by its parent company to design, manufacture and deliver faster and cheaper, this civil and military helicopter manufacturer is launching a study on digital continuity covering the entire aircraft lifecycle.

VR-based Safety training for factory operators
As part of health and safety briefings to plant operators, more effective ways to help them learn the required gestures and behaviours were needed.

Deploying new Processes, Methods & Tools to aircraft suppliers
As part of a new long-haul, wide-body airliner, produced with composite materials, this European aircraft manufacturer must manage, both internally and externally, the deployment, support and proper use of processes, methods and tools within their PLM environment.

Multi-country deployment of an MES solution
This French global car manufacturer wanted to replace its ageing parts and vehicle management solution.

Training and support on a new PLM solution
This French manufacturer of business and military aircraft is launching a new aircraft programme based on a systems engineering method that allows to control the complexity of design and validation.

The Design to Cost methodology for cost cutting and innovation purposes
In a new aircraft programme of a major European manufacturer, the costs of some components and systems exceeded forecasts and had to be cut down. 

Deploying an MES for a global railway company
This multinational company specialising in transport equipment, mainly railways, needs to strengthen its competitiveness and aims to achieve manufacturing excellence.

A common platform to visualise and manage data from energy production facilities
As a leading producer and supplier of electricity, our client wants to implement a platform to visualise and manage data (1D, 2D, 3D) in configuration around the maintenance and dismantling of power plants

Support services for multi-site Engineering teams
This manufacturer of civil and military helicopters wanted to provide its Engineering division, spread over several European sites, with both business and IT support on design solutions, and to adapt this support to fluctuating volumes.

PLM at the heart of a shipbuilder's transformation
To maintain its technological lead and its competitiveness in the design of surface ships and submarines, a market-leading shipbuilding group launched a major transformation project.

Modernising the management of a national power system
This manufaturer and manager of electricity facilities is planning to centralise and modernise the data management system for overhead and underground electricity lines.

Implementing the S1000D standard for a helicopter manufacturer
As part of a project to update the IPC, a European helicopter manufacturer wanted to integrate the S1000D standard into its technical publication tool.

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