Business Performance

Activating the levers for performance 

A new or existing industrial product can always be optimised or improved, but each change has repercussions on other components, design and production processes and suppliers. We help you identify the best options for managing these changes, evaluate the performance gains and implement them.  

Our strengths?  

  • Our in-depth knowledge of PLM systems, from which we will draw key data and interconnections, in order to shed a different light on your context. 

  • Our ability to support you throughout the process. 

  • Our business know-how acquired in the aerospace sector and extended to other fields such as energy, transport or defence. 

Discover the main areas of our offer around performance optimisation. 

Design to Cost : maximise your product value

Increasing your product competitiveness by reducing cost, weight, size, adding innovative features, integrating new regulations or sustainability features: we help your teams implement a specific methodology to achieve these goals.Take advantage of our "Design to Cost" methodology - or "Design to Value" to include other factors than cost - to maximise the value of your product, while minimising resource use.

Integrate your key suppliers into the Extended Enterprise collaborative network

You are increasingly working in a collaborative network with your component and product suppliers, but need to structure it better in order to improve lead times, quality and reliability?Our added value consists in organising, federating and unifying this "Extended Enterprise" network. We can make it agile and connected by integrating the stakeholders in the value chain. Product data flows smoothly and efficiently.

Ensure product traceability and change with configuration management

Highly complex and long-lived products are designed with a myriad of specific components and processes. With our configuration management know-how, we support you in:

  • Configuration management and integration into your PLM
  • Deploying processes and methods to manage the product offering and its evolution, from the design phase through to its life in service.

Modelling & Simulation: a powerful lever for strategic decision-making

Modelling and simulating an industrial product has become quite common, but we can go further and apply this approach to the scale of manufacturing means and even the company. Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, we build with you the digital twin of your company: modelling the organisation, the processes and the means of production then allows us to simulate different scenarios. With this additional insight, you can make the best decisions to serve your strategic objectives.

Client Stories

Deploying new Processes, Methods & Tools to aircraft suppliers
As part of a new long-haul, wide-body airliner, produced with composite materials, this European aircraft manufacturer must manage, both internally and externally, the deployment, support and proper use of processes, methods and tools within their PLM environment.

The Design to Cost methodology for cost cutting and innovation purposes
In a new aircraft programme of a major European manufacturer, the costs of some components and systems exceeded forecasts and had to be cut down. 

Support services for multi-site Engineering teams
This manufacturer of civil and military helicopters wanted to provide its Engineering division, spread over several European sites, with both business and IT support on design solutions, and to adapt this support to fluctuating volumes.

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