Shaping the industry of tomorrow. Starting today

In a fast-changing and competitive market environment, each organisation needs to reinvent itself.

We address your challenges by providing high value-added consulting services to foster innovation, improve performance and master your increasingly complex landscape. Our goal: instantiate the strategic stages and turn them into operational activities to make sure that you will go in the right direction, starting now.

With our multi-functional capabilities and deep knowledge of your industrial environment, supported by CIMPA's extensive PLM expertise and Sopra Steria's digital strengths, we bring you both the ideas and the skills to transform your core business and generate new opportunities.

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Vision et foundation of your transformation

What will your future hold? Whether you seek higher growth or value, you need to turn your dreams into objectives. You feel it is uncharted territory, challenging or competitive; we are here to support you to create a clear path forward. We are utterly convinced that building a bright future means finding the best tradeoff between building upon the existing and developing new territories.

Bridging the gap between strategy and actionable solutions

You have the target, now you need the trajectory. Your journey will start by creating a transformation program aligned with the upstream vision in order to tackle organizational models and drive change. We believe in people, in creating collective intelligence while unlocking individual potential. Our team supports executives and operational teams to create a future that brings meaning and purpose for a successful and sustainable transformation.

Take a smart step into the digital world

In a world of ever-changing technologies, no industrial company is able to sidestep the digitalisation. To take your business to the next level you need a partner that will design a tailored strategy and capture the best of selected technologies. At CIMPA Consulting, our team support you in creating and implementing your digital roadmap by matching your needs and infrastructure to our portfolio.

Client Stories

PLM Scoping on digital continuity
As part of an in-depth transformation project initiated by its parent company to design, manufacture and deliver faster and cheaper, this civil and military helicopter manufacturer is launching a study on digital continuity covering the entire aircraft lifecycle.

Modernising the management of a national power system
This manufaturer and manager of electricity facilities is planning to centralise and modernise the data management system for overhead and underground electricity lines.

Multi-country deployment of an MES solution
This French global car manufacturer wanted to replace its ageing parts and vehicle management solution.

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