Integration & PLM IT

Sustaining your PLM ecosystem throughout its lifecycle

Our PLM 
integration services enable to build robust systems and unlock their full potential. 

A company's competitiveness increasingly depends on the performance of its information systems and how they support its vision and strategic objectives.  

To guide you in this transformation, CIMPA uses its in-depth knowledge of PLM information systems, business processes and methods, and provides customised services adapted to your context and your ambitions.  

We help you choose the right PLM solutions for you, with complete neutrality, thanks to our knowledge of the technologies on the market (see our partnership agreements) and harness its full potential. We carry out the definition, design, deployment and maintenance of these solutions.

Full project management: let us guide you

Our A to Z project management approach guarantees results that meet your expectations in all aspects such as tools, processes, methods and user training:  

  • Project initiation and planning
  • Identification of risks and definition of preventive and corrective measures 
  • Project execution
  • We use methodologies adapted to each context: SAFe, Agile, V cycle, etc. 

PLM scoping: build sustainable foundations

Our experts help you measure the maturity of your PLM ecosystem and identify the improvements or breakthroughs that are needed to support your objectives and your organisation.
To build or strengthen your PLM strategy, we assess your situation, define a target and roadmap. We ensure that the study provides an opportunity to synchronise and coordinate the vision of the many stakeholders and to establish the modes of cooperation.

Build your PLM IS architecture for optimum performance

Thanks to our transversal vision of the information systems and its challenges, we help you design or optimise the architecture of your PLM system. We take into account the existing application landscape, the constraints and interconnections and ensure the consistency of data and flows in this ecosystem.

Development and customisation of applications adapted to your needs

Our design and development teams are specialised in the integration of standard and customised PLM solutions. In order to ensure the efficiency and durability of your PLM information system, we help you to make the most of existing functionalities and propose the development of ad hoc solutions or specific interfaces.

Deploy your PLM solutions with full security and peace of mind

We carry out the technical and functional deployment of your PLM applications. After installation, we ensure their availability and adoption by users. We manage planning, stakeholder management, integration tests, security rules, application monitoring and user training.

Secure your data migration

When deploying a new PLM system or a new version, it is essential to migrate data while ensuring their integrity. We are at your side to secure the migration at each key stage, including

  • Data flow mapping and analysis
  • Data processing: control, cleaning, verification, updating, enrichment, while taking into account your business rules
  • Export and compliance check

Cost-effective PLM maintenance and support for maximum efficiency

Investing in a PLM solution, however complex and comprehensive, is not enough. Leveraging its potential, supporting end-users and solving their operational problems, maintaining the availability of applications, planning their evolution, etc., are just as critical.Our qualified and experienced experts know the challenges of supporting our customers' complex PLM operations, at controlled costs and for optimal exploitation.

Client Stories

New PLM and ERP project framing
This industrial armament group specialising in land defence must reduce development times, accelerate its production rates and better manage the complexity of its products.

Maintenance of an information system for Engineering and Manufacturing divisions
A major player in the design and manufacture of aerostructures, seats and armchairs, this company wished to mandate a service provider over a period of 5 years to maintain in operational condition its information system

PLM at the heart of a shipbuilder's transformation
To maintain its technological lead and its competitiveness in the design of surface ships and submarines, a market-leading shipbuilding group launched a major transformation project.

A common platform to visualise and manage data from energy production facilities
As a leading producer and supplier of electricity, our client wants to implement a platform to visualise and manage data (1D, 2D, 3D) in configuration around the maintenance and dismantling of power plants

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