Maintenance and Support services

Maximise the operability of your products

Products designed to last, such as aircraft, helicopters and trains, are available for operation only part of the time. They are also subject to downtime for maintenance, repair, modernisation or non-operation. This ratio between availability and downtime often represents a profitability issue for the companies that operate these assets. For military institutions, keeping them in working order is even a security issue.

This "operability" of the product can be maximised by taking into account these aspects during the design and manufacturing phase, but also after it has been put into service. Our consultancy services and solutions aim to preserve and even increase this operability, using a whole range of means and tools.

Technical documentation meeting customer requirements and standards

Providing accurate technical documentation that complies with regulations and standards is mandatory for manufacturers. It must also be adapted to the various users in terms of ergonomics, speed and clarity. We help structure and organise it to optimise its use and ensure compliance with applicable standards.
We also offer our expertise in the implementation of industrial standards, particularly aeronautical standards (ASD). As an active member of the steering committee of the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe, we participate in their definition and updating.

Maintenance and operability: optimise operations from the outset

The maintenance of these products is crucial for safety, costly and sometimes time-consuming. We work with your design teams to help them take maintenance operations into account from the design stage and optimise them.
Predictive maintenance is also one of our favourite subjects: based on data collected, selected and processed, we help to establish alert thresholds and anticipate maintenance operations.

Logistics and Services: increase the availability of your products in service

Thanks to our know-how in the field of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), we can help you design or improve the support system for your industrial durable goods. Our objective? To increase the availability of human and technological resources as well as components and systems necessary to ensure the most efficient maintenance possible.

Client Stories

Design and implementation of the fighter aircraft fleet management system
This French manufacturer of business and military aircraft is mandated by its military client to manage the fleet of fighter aircraft and increase its availability.

Implementing the S1000D standard for a helicopter manufacturer
As part of a project to update the IPC, a European helicopter manufacturer wanted to integrate the S1000D standard into its technical publication tool.

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