Engineering Services

Enhancing efficiency throughout the product development phases

Our specialised engineering services help optimise the product development cycle.
Accelerating the development cycle of an industrial product (or "time to market"), making it more customisable, more easily repairable, or more innovative, are all major concerns of manufacturers. For complex products, any error in design or methodology, or backtracking, can add time and be costly. To optimise this development cycle and achieve the "right the first time", we provide specialised consultancy and expertise to the engineering divisions of manufacturers in order to better control quality, deadlines and costs. 

We also factor in the production and maintenance dimensions of the product, so that the design of the product is optimised during its manufacturing and its entry into service and operation.

We tap into our business process know-how, combined with an in-depth knowledge of PLM solutions. We also have extensive and long-standing experience with a European aircraft manufacturer.

Processes, Methods and Tools for Effective Design Activity

Design activity in industry consists of creating and designing a product and its internal systems, and matching functionality with market demand, technical feasibility with profitability, and ensuring customer satisfaction. To help you achieve this, we create the design rules for your business and deploy them to your teams. Because the rules of interlocking, assembly, superposition, drilling, fastening and tolerancing hold no secrets for us, we help you specify and formalise the principles and good practices that will guide your engineering teams in their daily tasks.

With Business Operational Support services, unleash the creativity of your design teams

Design engineers can come up against certain obstacles in their activities: difficulty in accessing methodologies or blockages. To help them save time and increase efficiency, we offer business support in the use of tools and methods, in close proximity. We ensure speed of intervention and proactivity in order to free the creativity of your teams and encourage innovation. 

Virtual product: reveal the power of the digital mock-up

The digital mock-up faithfully represents an entire product, however complex, and constitutes a unique and common reference. How can you guarantee the coherence of each sub-assembly and the final product when so many systems and components are assembled? How can you ensure that the different parts progress in a consistent and valid manner? Our teams check for you that the design methods have been correctly applied, detect anomalies, ensure data integration and carry out simulations. They also offer innovative solutions for quality monitoring and planning, visualisation, and prototyping, drawing for example on Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality technologies.

Engineering digitalisation and automation to save time and enhance productivity

The aim of this service is to make your engineers' lives easier and increase their productivity by automating certain activities, whether they are repetitive, complex or time-consuming. Based on our knowledge of the industrial design profession, we propose the development of solutions, interfaces and interoperability between systems to automate these tasks and save time and efficiency.

Design Quality: ensuring compliance to your business rules

Industrial quality is based on predefined specifications that enable the desired level of quality to be achieved and controlled. For industries where certification plays a central role, such as aerospace, product design must follow precise rules. Thanks to our knowledge of digital mock-ups, we can check for you whether the business rules in force have been respected, whether the methodologies have been observed, whether the data are stored in the right place and analyse deviations.

Tool Deployment: ensuring serenity and efficiency for your users

When deploying new IT tools, users need to be supported to get the most out of them. We take charge of the entire deployment phase and support the user business community. We provide project coordination, adoption, functional improvement and incident tracking. Rely on us, your users will gain in serenity.

Multi-physics simulation: test, experiment, improve

The virtual environment offers infinite possibilities for simulation, which allows us to identify and anticipate anomalies, blockages and interference. We can carry out simulations based on digital mock-ups, to test various physical parameters: thermal, acoustic, mechanical interference, etc., and make appropriate recommendations.

Client Stories

Support services to Engineering applications in the Information Management dpt
Our client, a major European player in the defence and military sectors, wishes to rationalise its integrator partners across the entire IT engineering perimeter

Training and support on a new PLM solution
This French manufacturer of business and military aircraft is launching a new aircraft programme based on a systems engineering method that allows to control the complexity of design and validation.

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