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Efficiency, Performance and Transformation at the heart of your Production

In a context of fast-moving technological change, we at CIMPA bring our know-how to infuse productivity and flexibility at the heart of your production system.
Industry 4.0, at the confluence of the virtual world and the physical factory, is bringing about many upheavals in the manufacturing organisation and management. It integrates all kinds of new technologies and innovations, with the aim to achieving even more efficient products. 
This approach implies a profound transformation encompassing information technology, hardware and software, but also the human dimension. We take all of these elements into account when conducting projects to transform manufacturing, with the conviction that each company is unique and must be considered as a whole.
We work with you to build customised and innovative solutions by gradually integrating them into the system.  Step by step, by your side, we lead and support the transformation projects that will bring sustainability and flexibility to your production system.
Get a glimpse of our Manufacturing know-how

Digitalisation: boosting the efficiency of your production facilities

Streamlining, simplifying and accelerating production and collaboration methods within factories thanks to the introduction of targeted digital technologies will enable you to gain in efficiency and competitiveness. We support you in these transformation projects, whether it is the integration of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the digitalisation of the shopfloor or machine connectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Industrial Process Design: anticipate decisions with the virtual factory

Creating a digital twin of production facilities and associated processes allows for better control of the production system and for simulations that do not disrupt production. Whether you are designing or deploying a production line or a type of workstation, you can rely on our expertise in industrial processes and our knowledge of the software solutions on the market.

Automatisation : implement smart manufacturing

Automating an activity, the shopfloor, or a set of production facilities implies reviewing processes, information systems and interconnections with other divisions. We assist you in this transformation by taking into account your context and your industrial objectives.

Make the most of your data to better manage your business

Data is a rich resource, but you need to know how to make the most of it. How can you generate, collect, analyse and process it to turn it into a lever for industrial performance? Thanks to our business know-how combined with data science, we can help you exploit your data, creating customised solutions to manage your production activity, and bring useful information to the right place at the right time.

Focus on Quality to increase your productivity

Integrating Quality management into the heart of the production process can improve industrial performance. How can you use digital tools to make Quality or non-Quality a lever for action, how can you make non-Quality visible, act quickly at the right time in the right place, optimise processes, and feed the upstream and downstream chains in learning loops? We guide you in this process to put Quality at the heart of the value chain.

Client Stories

Deployment of a new PLM solution on Design and Manufacturing activities
This global specialist in equipment and propulsion for space launchers is acquiring a new PLM solution to meet its strong strategic ambitions.

Deploying an MES for a global railway company
This multinational company specialising in transport equipment, mainly railways, needs to strengthen its competitiveness and aims to achieve manufacturing excellence.

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