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Turning challenges into opportunities

Industrial companies are facing multiple challenges related to digital transformation, more flexible and agile production, cost control and environmental impact.

Whether in the aerospace, defence, transport or energy sectors, we can help you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Optimising the product throughout its lifecycle

During the product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing through its entry into service and maintenance, it is always possible to do better, cheaper and faster: in particular, accelerate and optimise the design phases, anticipate validations and simulations.

Boosting the performance of the production system

Interconnecting systems, amplifying the use of technologies, breaking down silos between disciplines allow for gains in time, quality and efficiency.

Increase the efficiency of operations and maintenance

An industrial product does not bring in revenue if it is idle but also may incur costs for storage, maintenance, etc. Increasing its operability will improve your performance.

Leverage PLM as a transformation driver

Collaborative platform, product data management, digital continuity of data throughout the product's life, innovation boost: PLM offers many advantages and allows you to adapt more quickly to markets, regulations and sustainable development issues.

Gain in flexibility

Thanks to modelling, digital mock-ups, simulation and digital twins, you can gain time and flexibility to study different scenarios without disrupting operations.

Address environmental challenges

As environmental concerns and regulation are becoming more pressing, PLM can play a vital role in fostering sustainable practices and contributing to the reduction of products' carbon footprint. Whether taking into account environmental impact during the product design phase, such as material choices, energy efficiency, and recyclability, or optimizing the use of resources and minimizing waste, PLM helps businesses track and manage their resources more effectively.

Our latest Client Stories

Deployment of a new PLM solution on Design and Manufacturing activities
This global specialist in equipment and propulsion for space launchers is acquiring a new PLM solution to meet its strong strategic ambitions.

Support services to Engineering applications in the Information Management dpt
Our client, a major European player in the defence and military sectors, wishes to rationalise its integrator partners across the entire IT engineering perimeter

Design and implementation of the fighter aircraft fleet management system
This French manufacturer of business and military aircraft is mandated by its military client to manage the fleet of fighter aircraft and increase its availability.

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