What working with CIMPA Means

Experiencing a partnership based on trust and proximity

Collaboration and alignment are key to achieving success. We strive to create long lasting relationships with you, your organization and your teams based on honesty and transparency. We value open communication and proximity and focus on your best interests in your context.  We know what you are capable of. We are not here to direct but to support; act as trusted advisors so that we build and deliver the best response together. 

Getting an actionable response co-designed with and for you 

Our experience in servicing the industry has proven that no great success can be achieved without sharing it at all levels, with operational teams as well as management. You can count on our commitment to leave no stone unturned, to leverage your internal capabilities as well as bring you insights and innovations from outside to help you go one step further. Our proposals are always co-designed and meant to be practicable. We can stay all along the way from design to implementation, so you can see the improvements achieved.


Accessing the best ouf of our network for an end-to-end approach 

We believe in individuals making the collective stronger, relying on our differences and synergies to carry out the best approach.   Working altogether as one single team, we will make the best out of our strong network to offer you a pragmatic end-to-end experience.

What we offer

Our service offering rests on four main pillars so that, together, we can make your transformation happen. 

  • Define the vision and build the foundations of your transformation
  • Turn a concept into an operating model relying on people engagement
  • Set up actionable solutions and technologies to take a step forward in digitalization
  • Ensure a value-based delivery thanks to program management capabilities