Virtual Product

With a long-term experience in Digital Mock-Up management, through various product Programmes, CIMPA delivers efficient Virtual Product support and services in a multi-disciplinary industrial context.


Our Convictions

We drive our services to accelerate the product development with a right first time approach to improve overall product definition quality and performance, to boost your cost reductions.


Customer Challenges

  • Digital Transformation
  • Virtual Product Support and Coordination
  • Collaborative Design Enhancement
  • Design Quality, Availability and Update
  • Product and Process Simulation

    Our Services


    DMU Process & Methods

    • PLM Tool Recommendation
    • DMU Exchange Protocole
    • Proximity and Remote Support
    • Coaching


    Design Quality & Integration

    • 3D Quality Checks
    • DMU Reviews
    • Design Integration Support
    • Support to Product Architects
    • DMU Exchange with Sypply Chain


    Product Performance

    • Local Tool Development
    • Macros Creation
    • Database Administration and Connection
    • Business Dashboards


    Digital Transformation

    • Co-Design Reviews
    • Digital Communication : Videos and Posters
    • Engineering Tools
    • DMU Server


    3D as a Portal

    • Connect all your business data to the product Digital Mockup
    • Data Consolidation & Storage
    • 3D & Meta Data Consultation


    Innovation & Technologies

    • Continuous Improvement Approach
    • Business Use Cases development
    • VR Services
    • Reverse Engineering/3D Scan
    • Partnerships with Editors
    • 3D Viewer Benchmarks
    • Eco-Design Approach
    • Building Information Modeling

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