In-service partners

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To further enhance our service capabilities to airlines, aircraft operators, MROs and manufacturers’ Customer Services, we have concluded cooperation agreements with specific solution providers namely 2MoRO Solutions, Testia-NDT Expert, Fingermind and now Flatirons as well.


We now have a partnership with Flatirons, so as to enhance the value of our customers’ PLM / SLM infrastructure, by facilitating adoption of the Flatirons Multi-Spec Solution (part of Flatirons’ CORENA Suite of software). We are able to help OEMs and their networks of partners and suppliers to better share, reuse, and manage the complex technical data needed to maintain and operate their products.  With the Multi-Spec Solution it can be done from within a single, innovative platform.

Flatirons Solutions® provides content lifecycle management solutions to high-profile customers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, financial services, government, healthcare, and publishing. It consistently helps organizations efficiently deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people by leveraging structured content and digital media. Flatirons operates worldwide from offices in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Together with to 2MoRO Solutions, specialised in software for maintenance, fleet management and continued airworthiness (and also a Sopra Steria company)we provide tailored end-to-end services based on advanced technological bricks assembled together to smoothly fit in existing heterogeneous IS environments. We support our customers in setting up their processes, methods and information systems in the areas of maintenance planning and execution, fleet management, continuous airworthiness management and in-service configuration management. 


We have an agreement with TESTIA - NDT EXPERT, Non Destructive Testing worldwide provider, so their new-generation ultrasound and Eddy current testing instruments (Smart NDT ToolsTM) perfectly fit together and interact with our Damage Folio solution. An easy-to-use tool with built-in assisted diagnosis, it enables to perform and report precise measurements on site, even in demanding environments.


FingerMind's MRO Mobile has been included in Damage Folio™, our digital damage reporting solution.  MRO Mobile has been considered as the most efficient browser available on mobile device to access maintenance documentation. Thanks to this completely integrated solution, customers benefit both from an efficient damage reporting system and an easy access to maintenance documentation on mobile devices.