PLM Support facing a SAFe transformation

PLM Support facing a SAFe transformation

Build an organization model, based on a SAFe approach, to maintain and support applications releases and run mode.







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CIMPA Consulting has overcome the challenge by combining agile team in ART and shaping the support model matching the agile & lean principles. Result was a new way of working for Support team enabling standardized processes and higher efficiency than in traditional software delivery approaches.


In the frame of the end-to-end approach, SAFe methodology has been chosen to define a lean and agile way to foster higher delivery frequency & product quality.
PLM support is part of this SAFe transformation. The challenge was to :

  • Keep maintaining the applications,
  • Keep supporting the waterfall & agile projects,
  • Work in accordance with Agile principles of Development team
  • integrate support team I existing teams in ART
  • Be part of SAFe projects for new applications or future releases.

Our approach

CIMPA Consulting have strengthen our customer transformation by:

  • Defining a new organization model(harmonization, resources allocation, activities, roles & responsibilities definition, …)
  • Value Stream Mapping: Design a macro process to be deployed in SAFe ART
  • An iterative COACHING approach to better shape the efficiency
  • Providing the vision on technology pillars for the next generation of users support


We delivered:

  • An organization model
  • Processes adapted
  • Tool to catch the “voice of customers”
  • Tool to support/inform End users, PLM support team and Project team
  • Way Of Working (WoW) adapted to agile and lean principles