PLM Data Management services

Accessibility, Consistency and Traceability

CIMPA is expert in providing PLM-DM services, mainly in the aerospace and industrial sectors. Our services are categorized to three main sections:

Accessibility Management

With number of users growing day by day, it is important to manage user and supplier access to different PLM tools depending on their needs and business requirements. CIMPA is managing the access to over 150 different PLM applications and you can rely on our experience in handling such activities in accordance to your requirements. Any type of validation workflow can be taken into account.

Database Operations

CIMPA is already ensuring the data internal consistency of more than 140 different PLM applications as well as the quality of the data exchange between these applications through monitoring almost 500 interfaces. CIMPA also has a long experience to rely on when it comes to data migration or data recovery.

Data Exchange (DEX) Services

For every manufacturing company, it is important to manage and convert their CAD data externally and internally for data traceability. CIMPA has considerable experience in providing data exchange and conversions activities. We provided extensive services to a major aircraft manufacturer with the following key service statistics about data exchange: