PM&T Cockpit, a web-based solution for enterprise architecture management

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Presented at the Paris Air Show 2023 by Anthony Thevenin and Paul Berard, the purpose of the CIMPA PM&T Cockpit solution is to model enterprise architecture in terms of both processes and data, and to provide seamless, intuitive navigation thanks to a unique methodology combining BPM (Business Process Management) and MDM (Master Data Management).   


PM&T Cockpit: a single source of information for all users  


What is the PM&T Cockpit? Anthony Thevenin, Team Leader at CIMPA Toulouse Integration, involved in its development, defines it as "a software application similar to a web interface, which enables users to navigate through the entire enterprise architecture in a seamless and intuitive way, and provides a 360° view of the organisation, covering business processes as well as information system data".   


This enterprise architecture solution is based on a methodology developed by CIMPA, combining BPM (Business Process Management) and MDM (Master Data Management). BPM ensures that data is available to the users who need it for their business processes, while MDM, as master data manager, ensures that data is reliable. This rather unique approach provides a global vision of enterprise architecture and includes elements such as process and business descriptions, tools and infrastructures, documentation and methodology, and links to training courses.  


In short, everything there is to know about how the company or division operates is stored in one place, giving each user easy access to the elements they need. And that is just one of the advantages of the PM&T Cockpit: you don't need to know anything about modeling tools to be able to access the company's entire architecture.   


" CIMPA has put in all its modeling expertise in the PM&T Cockpit, enabling people who don't have the skills to access the description of their architecture, as modeling tools are difficult to use by people who don't have the skills. " Anthony Thevenin 


In addition to being a unique source of information, the PM&T Cockpit is useful for onboarding  new arrivals, as it brings together in one place all the methods, business processes, PLM tools and training they will need to take up their new position. It maintains a strong link with all ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and KMS (Knowledge Management System) tools. 

Beyond the organisational aspect, the PM&T Cockpit can also be a valuable ally in change management. It provides a direct view of the impact of changes to one or more processes on the entire enterprise architecture, enabling in-depth, precise impact analyses.  


A fully customisable solution  

The PM&T Cockpit is fully customisable to suit all business needs. The interface has been designed to meet each customer's specific requirements.   


"Everything can be customised according to your needs. We do all the architecture modeling in a specialised tool (such as Enterprise Architect). Then a software program builds the interface, taking as input the information contained in this modeling tool. It's during this stage that we can fully customise the interface, the menus, the organisation..." Anthony Thevenin   


This customisation is also supported by the tool's compatibility with all PLM tools. All of them can be integrated into the solution, and can therefore be accessed directly from the PM&T Cockpit by all users. Each process is thus associated with one or more reference tools.   


A solution applicable to all sectors and all companies  

CIMPA's PM&T Cockpit solution can be applied to all sectors and all companies: aeronautics, transport, energy, etc. Wherever there is a need to describe and present business processes, data and tools, and to bring all this information together in one place, PM&T Cockpit is the ideal platform.   


This comprehensive solution enables you to model business processes, data, or both. For Anthony Thevenin, this is one of its key benefits: "you don't have to model the entire enterprise architecture to use PM&T Cockpit. You can start with business process modeling, then move on to data modeling. Or vice versa. You can start with MDM or BPM, you don't need to have both to benefit from PM&T Cockpit." 


The PM&T Cockpit solution offers an innovative and pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture modeling, with extended accessibility thanks to its combined methodology and adaptive customisation. Its potential for application in a wide range of industries makes it a versatile platform, capable of meeting the complex modeling and process management needs of a variety of businesses.To implement this solution within your organisation, contact our teams!