Industrial system values model characterization

Industrial system values model characterization

Build a value model, based on a bottom up approach, to describe an existing manufacturing system performance for a large aircraft manufacturer.


plant covered end-to-end by the solution


Key industrial metrics designed and deployed


Different businesses combined to ensure digital continuity

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CIMPA Consulting has overcome the client’s challenge by combining 3 complementary know-how: Modelling capabilities, industrial performance acumen and data analytics. The key challenge leaned on the digital continuity in between the various and multiple client’s organizations.


In the context of a global corporate transformation, a client was willing to promote the coDesign-to-value principles at the earliest stages of its programme development. Such a co development approach requires to master with precision all its internal value chain, particularly the manufacturing phases, and identify the key performance levers. As a starting point of this transformation journey, the client asked CIMPA Consulting to set up a methodology that characterizes an industrial system performance level and to provide a display solution for an existing use case enabling deeper analysis and paving the way for further simulation capabilities.

Our approach

Considering the limited timeframe, build a proof of concept that describes the industrial system through representative enough metrics sample (Cost, delay, quality, environment footprint, ergonomic…).

Our main activities encompassed:

  • Bringing industrial performance benchmark
  • Providing an industrial metrics definition applicable to the client’s context
  • Performing a metric tree based on the client’s data architecture
  • Qualifying metrics level of confidence
  • Assessing and recommending tools for metrics display capabilities
  • Establishing digital continuity across the various and multiple data bases
  • Deploying metrics into the recommended display solution


We delivered a Proof of Concept with the following components:

  • Metrics display solution enabling dynamic analysis on a static data set
  • Metrics Tree
  • Metrics data model through 3D visualisation