Extended Enterprise

Optimising cooperation within the Extended Enterprise


International manufacturing companies looking to optimise their performance in delivering products faster, more cost-effectively, or with better quality, strive to make their processes leaner and more efficient, but also to integrate their suppliers and partners more closely in the value chain. This global approach which aims to optimise collaboration and performance both at the company level and across its network of suppliers is known as the Extended Enterprise concept.

Our objective is to facilitate the collaboration within the Extended Enterprise along the entire lifecycle, using an integrated set of services. These services are intended for companies working in a global environment: OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer, Tier-1, -2, -3… suppliers, customers. They cover the following areas:


  • Define the Process, Method and Tool framework across the network of suppliers and partners for end-to-end process harmonisation, data quality and integrity assurance

  • Deploy the framework : collaborative platform, change management, best practices

  • Provide business operational support, toolset support and maintenance

  • Assess supplier compliance to manufacturer's standards and requirements and enable alignment