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We are pleased to announce that we have obtained the QUALIOPI certification for our training programmes in France. This reflects the quality of the training we deliver and also ensures that our clients can have their training costs paid for by governmental funding bodies (organismes de formation).

Find out more about our programmes here and do contact us for any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in our (virtual) classrooms !





After an intense year for us all, we wish you a happy and joyful festive season with your loved ones and look forward to an exciting and fun 2022 !


We are pleased to announce we've just added 2 new dates for our training "Fundamentals of PLM".

This one-day remote training sessions will take place on the following:

  • Tuesday 9th November 2021
  • Thursday 11th November 2021

Registration is mandatory (

Just take your pick!

Please note the training is provided in French.

More information about the programme


We at CIMPA often get asked what PLM is, how we put it into practice, what competences it entails. This is why we have put together a one-day training course to explain to non-specialists why PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is important in a company, what the main principles are, how we tackle the challenges we meet, and much more.

This training progamme is available in French for now, remotely.

Pour explorer les enjeux et les grands principes du PLM (ou Product Lifecycle Management pour les initiés), nous proposons une formation accessible d'une journée, "Les fondamentaux du PLM", en nous appuyant sur des exemples concrets et des cas d'usage industriels.

Prochaine date ouverte : mardi 19 octobre 2021, en distanciel.

Intéressés? Plus d'infos sur le programme  ici

Pour inscription et autres renseignements contactez-nous à ou via le formulaire de contact.



Are you seeking new challenges in the PLM world? Do you want to boost your career and develop your skills in a stimulating environment? 

We currently have a high number of open positions for candidates of various levels of experience: junior, intermediate and expert:

  • Consultants 
  • Business Analysts  
  • Business Operators 
  • Project Leaders 

We offer great opportunities for learning and growth filled with rewarding experiences, in many industries including aerospace, defence, transportation and energy.

Check out our career opportunities or send us your resumé (France, Germany, UK, Spain).

We are looking forward to connecting with you!



En complément du résultat de l’index égalité 2020 publié le 26/02/2021, CIMPA publie le détail des notes sur chacun des indicateurs :

indicateurs  points obtenus Points Maximums
1. écart de rémunération 38 40
2. écart d'augmentations individuelles 20 20
3. écart de promotions 15 15
4. pourcentage de salariées augmentées en retour de congé maternité 15 15
5. nombre de salariés du sexe sous-representé parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations 0 10
INDEX (sur 100 points) 88 100

La société reste mobilisée sur ses objectifs en matière d'égalité professionnelle.



In complex environments, why is it necessary to use configuration management not only during the product development phase, but also for the services around the product and its industrial systems, while ensuring the digital continuity of data? Here are some keys!


What is CIMPA's response to the industrial challenges of today and tomorrow? Discover how Value Management brings Value to your company by optimising the performance of your products and services. Discover the "CIMPA Value Attitude" with our 2 experts Mathilde and Alexandre in the video below.




Chaque année, CIMPA SAS publie l’index de l'égalité professionnelle mis en place par le ministère du Travail.

Au titre de l’année 2020 : l'Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points/100.

Pour information :

Au titre de l'année 2019 : l'Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points/100.

Au titre de l'année 2018 : l'Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points/100.

​​​​​​​La société reste mobilisée sur ses objectifs en matière d'égalité professionnelle.



Our latest customer survey results are just out:
99% of our customers recommend CIMPA.
As a whole, we achieve a high level of satisfaction on key areas, including on the continuity of services during the Covid-19 crisis, the quality of our proposals, and our understanding of customer requirements.
We are thrilled by their trust and feedback and will continue to strive to best serve our customers and to work on our improvement areas.


For more information about this survey or our services, please contact us here