Damage Folio

A smart, mobile electronic reporting solution

When damage or dent occurs on an aircraft or transportation fleet, the challenge is to quickly capture and report accurate information to facilitate efficient decision making. Depending on the severity of damage and the operators’ processes, such information has to be shared between Operations, MROs and product manufacturers. Our smart mobile electronic reporting solution DamageFolio ensures that all the required data is gathered during a single inspection and can be combined with cutting-edge portable acquisition devices.

  • DamageFolio™ is a user-friendly solution designed for mobile devices that can be used with existing operators’ systems ; it enables seamless access and is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • DamageFolio™ connects to an innovative range of non-destructive testing inspection devices for quick and efficient analysis of metallic or composite aerostructures and components.
  • Optical technology, ultrasound and eddy current testing instruments can be connected for accurate and reliable measurement. For instance, connecting a 3D precision scanner to measure a dent in a metallic structure will, with near-instantaneous processing, create a «digital copy» of the damage, with accuracy up to ± 100μm.