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About CIMPA Consulting

In a fast-changing and competitive market environment, each organisation needs to reinvent itself.

We address your challenges by providing high value-added consulting services to foster innovation, improve performance and master your more and more complex landscape.

Our goal: instantiate the strategic stages and turn it into operational activities to make sure that you will go in the right direction, starting now.

With our multi-functional capabilities and deep knowledge of your industrial environment, supported by CIMPA's extensive PLM expertise and Sopra Steria's digital strengths, we will bring you the ideas and the skills to transform your core business and generate new opportunities. 

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Our value proposition

What will your future hold? Whether you seek higher growth or value, you will need to turn your dreams in objectives. You feel it is uncharted territory, challenging or competitive; we are here to help you create a clear path forward. We are utterly convinced that building a bright future means to find the best tradeoff between building upon the existing and developing new territories.

dream big

You have the target, now you need the trajectory. Your journey will start by creating a transformation program aligned with the upstream vision in order to tackle organizational models and drive change. We believe in people, in creating collective intelligence while unlocking individual potential. Our team supports executives and operational teams to create a future that brings meaning and purpose for a successful and sustainable transformation.

Rely on the individuals

In a world of ever changing technologies, no industrial company is able to sidestep the digitalization. To take your business to the next level you need a partner that will design a tailored strategy and capture the best of selected technologies. At CIMPA Consulting, our team will support you in creating and implementating your digital roadmap by matching your needs and infrastructure to our portfolio.

Take a smart step

Launching and planning a new program lay the foundation to a successful delivery. Combining a value-based approach aligned with your needs to a team of highly skilled consultants is what makes it true. At CIMPA Consulting we will partner with you to set up a tailored structure, guide your teams and work the best practices to ensure efficient decision making and successful delivery.

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Client Stories

Production management system functional definition

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) supports our clients production cost and lead time reduction while leveraging digital solutions (tablets, touchscreens). It consists into a digitalization of existing process, integrating a global...

PLM Support facing a SAFe transformation

In the frame of the end-to-end approach, SAFe methodology has been chosen to define a lean and agile way to foster higher delivery frequency & product quality. PLM support is part of this SAFe transformation. The challenge was to : Keep...

Industrial system values model characterization

In the context of a global corporate transformation, a client was willing to promote the coDesign-to-value principles at the earliest stages of its programme development. Such a co development approach requires to master with precision all its...

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Our firm is designed to operate as one a single global partnership united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity.​

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