Our commitments

A sustainable, human and guiding approach

We fully support and embrace our Group’s commitments and believe that strong team spirit and diversity are great assets for our organisation. Our teams draw inspiration from individuals’ unique characteristics and rely on their open-mindedness to grow together. 
This is why we are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination and ensuring equal opportunity by adopting ethical practices. Promoting diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our DNA, values and culture. We recruit talent from diverse backgrounds and work alongside the stakeholders that make up our ecosystem to contribute in a sustainable, humane and enlightened way to a more inclusive society.
Together, let's build a sustainable world where everyone has a role to play.

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Corporate social responsibility 2023

Diversity and inclusion

At Sopra Steria, social inclusion is a core value.
As a committed player, the Group works every day alongside its partners, clients and employees to combat discrimination and promote social inclusion. We support programs and initiatives that promote equal opportunities.

Gender equality, a major societal challenge for our businesses

As a major player in the digital sector, we are convinced that professional equality between women and men is a major challenge for enriching our corporate culture, energizing our businesses and activities, and consolidating the relationships we have with our teams, customers and partners. 

Equality and inclusion of LGBT+ people

Together, let's take action for the inclusion of our LGBT+ talents.
We are committed to fighting all forms of discrimination in all our geographical areas. For many years now, we have been implementing a policy in favor of a more inclusive society. We guarantee our teams a work environment that is enriched by the singularities of each person to promote their personal and professional development, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


Together, let's work for the employability and professional integration of people with disabilities.
We take concrete action to promote professional integration by deploying innovative recruitment, job adaptation, training and awareness-raising initiatives.


"Zero net emissions" by 2028, a strong ambition served by an innovative Group policy.
Sopra Steria is a major player in the fight against climate change and is recognised as one of the leading companies in this field. For many years, the Group has implemented a proactive strategy in favour of the environment in the management of its activities.
It actively contributes to international initiatives to mitigate climate risks and supports the transition to a net-zero economy in the services it provides to its clients. Its long-term greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets are endorsed by the Science Base Targets Initiative (SBTi 1) and aligned with the trajectory of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.
The Group is committed to achieving "Net Zero Emissions"2 by 2028.

1 SBTi: Science Based Targets Initiative, a reference organisation offering mathematical models to identify the environmental footprint of activities in order to set ambitious GHG emission reduction targets.
2 "Net zero emissions": reduction of GHG emissions generated throughout an organisation's value chain and compensation for residual emissions by investing in carbon capture programmes.