Our vision

Enhancing operational performance 

Our raison d'être is to guide our clients, partners and employees towards bold and sustainable choices in a context of transformation and evolution. How do we do this? By leveraging technologies adapted to specific uses and contexts and by providing concrete and sustainable results that fully integrate the interactions between digital and human.

We believe that the way an industrial product is designed, manufactured, used, maintained and recycled is as important as the product itself. At each stage of the life cycle, CIMPA guides and supports industrial companies in creating more competitive products thanks to PLM. We help organisations to understand the product in its entire ecosystem and in all its interconnections, to anticipate and implement appropriate solutions adapted to ever-changing contexts, and to facilitate and optimise decision-making.

We also draw on the expertise of the Sopra Steria group and in particular the Aeroline organisation dedicated to the aerospace and aviation sectors in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and integrated services.
Today, the industrial world is facing new challenges and must anticipate the opportunities and problems that a new or redesigned product brings (e.g. new type of propulsion, new guidance, new interactions, integration of new technologies). It is also a matter of preparing capacities - in terms of organisation, processes, production, etc. - to make them sufficiently flexible and open to cope with the unexpected.

Key Figures

  • 1400 Employees
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Present in 5 countries
  • EN9100 v2015 Certification
  • 46 000 Sopra Steria Group employees
Our vision of the industry challenges

The industrial world is undergoing profound changes with many transforming factors.


  • Production is becoming more standardised and automated to optimise costs, lead times and quality, while at the same time seeking flexible and agile approaches to customise products and improve the user experience. Innovation is also essential to drive continuous improvement and to stand out from the competition.
  • Customer requirements are rapidly evolving, for example towards more customisable, repairable and eco-friendly products.
  • Data is key to controlling the value chain during the lifecycle of a complex product and its entire ecosystem, and to act on the optimisation levers. Capturing, analysing, exploiting and extracting data to simulate numerous scenarios offers countless opportunities.
  • The emergence of technologies such as the Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, the Cloud or Artificial Intelligence, to name but a few, also makes it possible to rethink operating and organisational methods within companies.

Thanks to our industrial vision of projects and our technological know-how, we provide relevant, adapted and sustainable answers to your competitiveness and transformation challenges.

Latest news

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We will be present at the greatest event of the year in June in Paris. Let’s start exploring together how digital technology can shape the future of aerospace and defense

Renewal of our EN9100 certification: mission accomplished

As certification to the EN9100 standard is mandatory to operate in the aerospace & defence sector we are proud to announce that our certification has been renewed for 3 years

CIMPA certified as a Great Place to Work

We are pleased to announce we have been certified !