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"What makes me proud": watch the testimonial of Chloé, Consultant at CIMPA and how she gives true meaning to her work [video (link below) in French].
"What makes me proud is to put people first and help them succeed in their projects and initiatives", Chloé explains as part of her assignment with an aircraft manufacturer.



The 53rd International Paris Air Show 2019 has confirmed the mounting fierce competition in the world of aerospace. In this context, data, digital tools and artificial intelligence are now precious bargaining chips to accelerate transformation and turn these challenges into opportunities. 

Whilst the 2019 Paris Air Show has obviously confirmed the commercial energy in the sector by generating some 140 billion EUR (126 billion GBP) in contracts, it has also highlighted the challenges faced by the aeronautic industry. 

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Conformément aux dispositions de la loi « Avenir professionnel » du 5 Septembre 2018, CIMPA a établi son Index dédié à l’égalité professionnelle entre les femmes et les hommes.
Au titre de l’année 2018 : l’Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points/100. 
La société reste mobilisée sur ses objectifs en matière d’égalité professionnelle. 




The Paris AirShow was a great opportunity to showcase how our fields of expertise enable full #digitalcontinuity to support #operationalexcellence.

Laure Brumont, Head of Innovation at CIMPA, highlights what the key aerospace challenges are and how we at Sopra Steria, CIMPA PLM Services and 2MoRO can help address them!


Find out in this article written by one of our experts, Cyrille Greffe, how the new standard, the famous ASD 5000F, supported by the advent of big data and blockchain, promises to offer comprehensive control over the information chain.

"For the standard to be successful, ASD S5000F will need to be pragmatically applied inline with the specific requirements of each program. The cross-sector application of the standard is a challenge. However, going beyond organisational silos paves the way for a new approach to building better services that provide more effective support."

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Venez découvrir les métiers du Modelling et du Design to Cost avec nos experts !


Dès 18h30, CIMPA vous attend lors de son événement de networking le 26 juin 2019 à la Ferme de Pinot (2 Allée André Turcat, 31700 Blagnac) !

19h : Découvrez les métiers du Modelling et du Design to Cost à travers des conférences animées par nos experts.

Thème 1 : “Architecture modelling au service de la transformation digitale”

Le responsable de l’offre modelling vous présentera sa vision : « no model, no digitalisation ! ».

Thème 2 : “ DtC (Design to Cost) au DtV (Design to Value) au service de la performance ”

Les experts du domaine Product & Process performance vous présenteront la vision de CIMPA du co-design to value.

20h : Partagez ensuite un moment d’échange et convivialité avec nos collaborateurs autour d’un cocktail dinatoire !


Inscrivez-vous ici pour participer !

Événement réservé aux professionnels du Modelling et du DtC. !


Our experts are all set to share their insights and vision about #digitalcontinuity and operational excellence during the #salondubourget. There is a sneak preview of what our engineering specialists will showcase during the event #pas19!

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Digital transformation is paving the way for a more efficient, collaborative and responsive Industry 4.0, and enables to enhance companies’ performance. Find out in this (French) article how we guide our clients on this path, and how to get a glimpse of our latest innovations and offering at the upcoming Paris Airshow!


During May a recruitment campaign to promote our career opportunities will run in France, in the Paris underground, on the web and social media, with several visuals under the strapline “All we need is you to speed up the digital transformation”. This campaign is mainly targeting young graduates and encourage potential candidates to project into a new role in the Sopra Steria group, and in CIMPA.

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