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Rencontre avec notre expert Digital Shopfloor, Alan Barré !

  • Quel est ton rôle chez CIMPA ?

J’ai plusieurs casquettes chez CIMPA : Directeur de projet dans l’Excellence Opérationnelle, Manager dans le département Manufacturing et Chef de projet Digital Shopfloor.

Avant d’avoir ces rôles, j’ai travaillé 10 ans dans les ateliers sur la spécification et le déploiement d’outils en lien avec le Lean Manufacturing et le pilotage de production.

  • Qu’est-ce que le projet Digital Shopfloor ?

Digital Shopfloor est un projet mené avec un grand constructeur aéronautique qui a permis de digitaliser les processus atelier pour améliorer la performance industrielle.

L’impulsion du projet a été donnée par le déploiement de tablettes dans l’environnement de production. Après ce déploiement réussi, nous avons continué avec leur transformation digitale des processus de pilotage de la production, gestion des aléas et planification.

  • Quels sont les apports de la Transformation Digitale des ateliers de production pour un industriel ?

Les industriels rencontrent parfois des difficultés notamment dans le suivi des stocks, la gestion de production, le manque de continuité des plannings ou dans la gestion des aléas. Ils se posent souvent ces questions : Où sont mes pièces et dans quel statut ? Qu’est-ce qui me coûte ? Quelles sont les causes de ma non-performance ? Comment anticiper les charges selon les capacités réelles projetées ?

Il n’existe pas de solution universelle pour répondre aux besoins de tous les industriels. Il est essentiel d’adapter et personnaliser les outils et process digitaux.

Chez CIMPA, nous développons des outils et méthodes pour digitaliser les processus papiers et répondre aux problématiques de gestion de production. Ce sont des solutions pragmatiques : elles sont simples, robustes et faciles à déployer. Les opérateurs et les managers de production y adhèrent tout de suite, car elles sont intuitives dans leur utilisation, et teintées d’une forte expertise métier.  La transformation digitale s’opère et fluidifie les échanges en facilitant le partage d’information. Les solutions développées se paramètrent très simplement. Elles offrent ainsi dans le contexte d’aujourd’hui une capacité d’adaptation aux nouvelles organisations appréciée par les clients et les utilisateurs.


Pour en apprendre plus sur la Transformation Digitale des ateliers de production : cliquez ici.

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Meet our Digital Shopfloor Expert, Alan Barré!

  • What is your role at CIMPA?

I have several functions at CIMPA: Project Director in Industrial Operational Excellence, Manager in the Manufacturing Department and Digital Shopfloor Project Leader.

Before this, I worked for 10 years in shopfloors to specific and deploy tools related to Lean Manufacturing and production monitoring.

  • What is the project Digital Shopfloor?

Digital Shopfloor is a project lead with a major aeronautics manufacturer which allowed to digitalise shopfloor processes to improve industrial performance.

The project was launched through the deployment of tablets in the production environment. After this successful deployement, we continued their digital transformation of production monitoring processes, hazard management and production planification.

  • What were the benefits of Shopfloor digitalisation for an industrial?

Industrials usually face problems in stock management, production monitoring, planning discontinuity or hazard management. They often ask these questions: Where are my parts and in which status? What costs me? What are the causes of my lack of performance? How can I anticipate my workload according to projected real capacity?

There is no universal solution to answer the needs of every industrial. The key is to adapt and tailor the tools and digital processes.

At CIMPA, we develop tools and methods to digitalise the paper processes and answer to production monitoring challenges. The solutions are pragmatic: they are simple, robust and easily deployed. The workers and production managers support them right away as they are intuitive in their usage, and infused with a strong business expertise. The digital transformation proceeds and eases the exchanges by improving information sharing. The solutions developed can be easily configured. Thus, they offer high adaptability to new organisations, which is highly appreciated by our clients in todays’ context.


You can learn more on the Digital Shopfloor project by reading our flyer: click here.



Des offres adaptées pour accompagner les industriels dans l'amélioration de leur performance et leur efficacité

CIMPA accompagne les industriels dans l’amélioration de la performance et l’efficacité de leur système de production. Grâce à notre expertise métier, notre expérience dans le PLM et notre ADN digital, l’industrie 4.0 est rendue accessible. 

Notre conviction est d’apporter des solutions innovantes et personnalisées en les intégrant graduellement dans le système industriel. Nous prenons toujours en compte les enjeux humains et techniques pour amener les projets de transformation dans votre usine.
Nos offres Manufacturing sont modulaires et reposent sur 6 piliers principaux : 

  • Digitalisation
  • Industrial process design & Architecture
  • Automation
  • Data for Industrial Performance
  • Quality for Industrial Performance 
  • Transformation Projects

Pour toute information complémentaire sur nos offres Manufacturing, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter sur : 


CIMPA supports manufacturers in improving the performance and efficiency of their production system. We provide innovative and customised solutions by gradually integrating them into the industrial system and take into account the human and technical challenges to carry out digital transformation according to your needs and strategy.

Our Manufacturing offers are modular and are based on 6 pillars :

  • Digitalisation
  • Industrial process design & Architecture
  • Automation
  • Data for Industrial Performance
  • Quality for Industrial Performance
  • Transformation Projects

For further information on the Manufacturing Offers, feel free to contact us:

For any further information on our Manufacturing offers, please do not hesitate to contact us at: 



Grâce à notre leadership dans le PLM, nous sommes engagés à accompagner les industries dans l'amélioration de la performance et l'efficacité de leur production.

Découvrez les bénéfices de la simulation industrielle pour le système de production dans notre nouveau livre blanc, à consulter ci-dessous. 

CIMPA White Paper - La Simulation Industrielle






As a European leader in PLM services, we are dedicated to supporting industries in improving the performance and efficiency of their production.
Discover the benefits that Industrial Simulation provides to the Manufacturing system in our new white paper.

CIMPA White Paper - Industrial Simulation


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Find out on our new Consulting section section how we can help bridge the gap between strategy and actionable solutions. Thanks to multi-functional capabilities and our deep knowledge of industrial environments, combined to our extensive PLM expertise, we continue to support you in this challenging context, including:
_ Activities backsourcing for cost reduction
_ Monitoring and recovery plan
_ Quick wins identification in line with your transformation goals

To find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can start a dialogue about your needs and challenges. 










CIMPA is launching a series of webinars to highlight key know-how in today’s context, in order to address industrial and technology challenges.

These short sessions, presented by top-level experts, are intended for those seeking innovative solutions, quick-wins and useful insights.

The areas of focus for the next weeks are the following:

  • Design to Value for smarter products and components |  June 11 and 23
  • Harness Configuration Management |  June 12 and 19
  • MBSE/MBSA : how to combine Systems Engineering with Safety of Operations | June 28 and 25
  • End-to-End Electrical PLM  |  June 30 and July 6
  • Industrial simulation, a key instrument in the Factory of the Future |  July 2 and 7

If you are interested in these sessions held in French  or would like more information, please do let us know by email or via the contact form.

Registration is free but mandatory.



Digital careers offer plenty of exciting opportunities that are not always identified by youngsters. Chloé, a PLM Consultant at CIMPA, shares her experience in a video for pupils created by Onisep (a French information and advice institution) to help young audiences understand what her job entails and what makes it so rewarding!



The world is facing an unprecedented crisis.
Under these circumstances, our priority is to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners, while ensuring business continuity.
Today, most of our teams are working from home, and those whose work requires their presence on site are working under full compliance with public health authorities’ recommendations.

This crisis is radically modifying the way companies organise themselves, work, and interact. Digital technology can provide answers to these huge challenges by bringing individuals closer together, boosting unity, and creating new services.

As of now and in keeping with its values centred on responsibility and people, CIMPA is mobilised to anticipate major upcoming changes and address its customers’ future expectations.





Last in our series of testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, Karine, Programme Manager for Defence with a strong Engineering background, tells us about her career path and the challenges she’s met. “Throughout the various roles I’ve had in my career, I find that confidence and perseverance are essential to succeed! And don’t let yourself get impressed by the sometimes very male world around us”. Watch below her full interview.




Continuing our series of testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, Louise Decoster, a young graduate with a passion for aviation, answers our questions. “My academic experience hasn’t been all plain sailing but now I have proven myself as an Aviation Maintenance Consultant and as an Air Force reservist. I really enjoy working in the digital sector as there is so much to discover and to do!”.

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #WomenInTech

Watch her full testimonial here

"TogetHER for greater balance" is a corporate initiative from Sopra Steria, to promote gender equity and better understand the impact of stereotypes. 


As part our corporate initiative, "TogetHER for greater balance" by Sopra Steria, to promote gender equity, we publish a series of internal testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, for the International Women's Day. To kick off this series, we start with Elodie Dambre, recently appointed Business Unit Director at CIMPA, interviewing her about her career path, her choices and her challenges. She comments: “After literary studies, I joined an aerospace company and seized new opportunities in technical domains. A piece of advice? Stay true to your values, believe in yourself!”. 

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #WomenInTech