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Numerical control

Innovative Catia V5 applications to enhance manufacturing processes


PANOGEN-CATIA V5 solution for the manufacture of sheet metal and composites parts

PANOGEN provides a comprehensive range of tools, including basic parts programming, automatic part nesting, post-processing, and integration with off-the-shelf ERP applications. It enhances Catia V5 manufacturing functionalities for sheet metal and composite cutting technologies, including milling, laser, water jet, and cutter operations.

The integration of PANOGEN in the CATIA V5 platform for sheet metal manufacturing applications will enable users to operate within the same environment throughout the product lifecycle. This integration facilitates complete recovery of the manufacturing process if a part needs to be changed. Featuring user-friendly menus, CATIA V5-based PANOGEN will cut programming and product machining times and reduce development costs.

Developed initially to meet the needs of aerospace manufacturers, PANOGEN V5 now addresses all industrial applications.

TAPELAY application for Forest-Liné machines

The Tapelay application, developped by CIMPA and integrated in Catia V5 workbench, automates tape cutting and laying for Forest-Liné machines.

Tapelay comprises 2 sets of tools: Tape Generation enables to configure tape creation from composite manufacturing plies and to analyse and correct gaps and overlaps. Tape Manufacturing automates the tape laying and cutting process with ultra-sonic and laser technologies.

Entry into Service support

Maximising operations efficiency

Our in-service services are intended for Airlines, Repair Centres (MRO – Maintenance Repair Overhaul), Operators and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We aim to bring you innovative and efficient solutions to better harness the power of data during the whole life cycle of equipment and aircraft thus contributing to your competitive edge.

We rely on our aerospace and IT experts as well as our partners’ solutions such as 2MoRO Solutions to bring your projects to successful conclusion, with efficiency and best total cost ownership.

Airlines, MROs, Operators



Our areas of expertise 


Our areas of expertise

  • Aircraft and complex components maintenance (Line, Hangar, Shop)
  • Damage assessment process
  • Maintenance forecasting and planning
  • Fleet management
  • Configuration control and management
  • Connectivity with other Information Systems
  • Mobility


  • Technical Data Management
  • Technical Documentation management
  • Maintenance Engineering (Logistic support and operability)
  • Vendors monitoring
  • New service realization
  • Support Contract Management

Dedicated portfolio of services


Dedicated portfolio of services

  • In-service solution build-up
  • Data Migration
  • Damage Capture
  • Flight Folio
  • Maintenance control centre set-up
  • 3D as a portal
  • Shift to Service
  • Extended Digital Mock-Up
  • Technical documentation


Support & Training

Optimising your PLM ecosystem through support and education

We assist you throughout your PLM project, and provide technical support as well as standard and customised training solutions based on both our industry knowledge and educational expertise.

Keep your information systems running and up to date is a priority, this is why we offer various levels of support depending on your needs and systems complexity. We can also monitor data creation, flows and quality so as to maintain high levels of performance.

Our courses are delivered by certified trainers with a world-wide coverage at your or our facilities, and include multiple channels: class-room style, video conference, E-learning, Rapid learning, etc… Thanks to our training partnerships we are accredited to provide software-vendor training courses.


  • Assistance and coaching to create complex and multi-national support organisations
  • ITIL expertise to support effective process organisation in full compliance with the standards
  • Existing pool of 100 supporters in the field of applications and data quality
  • Remote support on a multi-national environment
  • Innovative and automated processes and tools for support organisation


  • Training, coaching and seminars with standard or bespoke course material on client or mainstream PLM solutions.
  • Full Course design or customisation on specific domains (exercises, process & methods, customised functions …)
  • Educational support for HR and Training Departments

To see our full training course schedule

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solution integration

Maximising your PLM solution

We take responsibility for the operational set up of your solutions while you concentrate on your business to create or operate products in the most efficient way.

Thanks to our partnerships with market leading software vendors Dassault Systemes, PTC and Siemens, we have a thorough knowledge of the main solutions available. We advise and deploy adapted solutions based on the best-in-class technology and factor in aspects such as information system rationalisation, obsolescence, maintenance costs and heterogenous IT environments.


We manage your projects end-to-end, including key phases:

  • Define use cases, requirements, architecture, specifications, deployment strategy
  • Implement conception, customisation, parameterisation
  • Manage technical and functional tests, deployment, data migration



Making the right choices for your business

CIMPA offers high value-added consulting services to foster innovation, improve performance and master rising complexity in the fast-changing and competitive market environment.

Our portfolio of consulting services includes:

New PLM concepts and strategy re-alignment

We develop business cases to support your PLM plans and identify untapped value potential with a view to demonstrating significant ROI on your PLM undertaking. We ensure your PLM goals are aligned with your strategic business objectives. Our areas of expertise include Systems Engineering, Integrated product development, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Technical and Functional Architecture, Design to Manufacturing transfer.

 Process, Method and Tool analysis

We assess your PLM organisation in terms of process, method and tools and evaluate their effectiveness and maturity through scoping, benchmarking, gap analysis; we derive and share best practices.

Business Process Re-engineering

During the course of your PLM initiatives, we help you sharpen and adjust your approach through various levers that include Full 3D as Master capabilities and Model-Driven Architecture processes. Our business expertise helps you optimise your major PLM functions such as Change management, Configuration management, Variant management or Technical Publications.