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An innovative service to enhance the assessment and management of structural damage



When aircraft damage occurs, the challenge is to quickly capture and report accurate information for efficient decision- making. According to damage criticality and to the operators’ specific processes, such information has to be shared between Airlines Operations, MRO and Aircraft manufacturers.


Our fully customisable service is based on a smart mobile electronic  reporting  system  that  can  be  combined  with cutting-edge portable acquisition devices.

This damage capture service shortens, secures and automates the damage assessment process making inspections more efficient.




Customer benefits


• Facilitates quicker   management of AOG situations induced by structural damage


• Reduces human error by avoidance

of handwritten information exchanges


• Improves data   measurement

and accuracy


• Reduces the workload due  to

a faster process


• Enhances management of the aircraft

life cycle by consolidation

of structural damage reports




AnD ACCurAte DAmAGe informAtion
























Data Base








• DamageFolio™ is a user friendly solution designed for mobile devices.

Damagefolio™  ensures that all the required data are gathered during a single inspection. Designed to collaborate with operators’ systems, it enables seamless access and is available on ios,  Android, and Windows.


• DamageFolio™ connects to an innovative range of non-destructive testing inspection devices for quick and efficient analysis of metallic or composite aero- structures and components.

optical technology, ultrasound and eddy current testing instruments can be connected for accurate and reliable measurements at your fingertips.

for instance, for dent on metallic structure, connected to 3D precision scanners a «digital copy» of the Damage is created, via near-instantaneous processing with an accuracy up to +- 100um.






Measurement                       E-Report








Maintenance operator






+33 (0)6 43 06 46 75



Key features


• full damage reporting in a single inspection

• Aircraft damage history

• Consultation of repair manuals on mobile device

• Visual representation of aircraft damage

• Ability to take and modify pictures (with the built-in camera) for immediate insertion into reports

• Capability to send damage reports to Aircraft manufacturers

• A service customizable to your needs







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Knowledge Management

Capture, share, use and maintain individual and collective knowledge

In today’s increasingly complex environments, organisation structures and interfaces, using your knowledge in the right way is a strong and durable asset. With CIMPA’s support you can ensure that your collective and individual knowledge (know-how, expertise, employees’ networks, return of experience…) is effectively acquired, shared and maintained in the interest of your organisational objectives.


CIMPA has a consultancy approach to Knowledge Management, targeted to suit the needs of the individuals and the business. Our Knowledge Management service portfolio takes into account all your business needs and helps you enhance your Knowledge Management capabilities in various situations: competitive environment, high turnover of staff, integration of employees into new roles, transfer of work package, specific knowledge to be retained, collaborative working practices, geographical or hierarchical boundaries, harmonized ways of working...

Design to Cost

Maximise the value of your product whilst attaining the anticipated costs

Cost, performance, aesthetics, quality are all criteria that contribute to making a product competitive ; in a demanding market, cost-optimised design also becomes a key success factor in the product lifecycle.

In a fast-changing customer environment with new technologies, new competitors, new market trends, with increasing costs that may jeopardise product profitability, we help you meet these challenges with our wide-ranging Design To Cost consulting and operational services:

  • Define a strategy and concept for your Design to Cost Approach 
  • Design to Cost processes and methods tailored to your company taking into account organisation and tool aspects
  • Create and deliver DtC coaching, training and awareness sessions



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CIMPA is headquartered in Toulouse, France and operates 9 sites, located in strategic industrial hubs and close to its main customers.



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Due to our continuous growth we constantly seek bright and talented individuals to join our teams, and we strive to find and retain employees who share and commit to our values. We currently offer a number of open positions for candidates of various levels of experience.

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A company culture based on focus and commitment

A company culture based on focus and commitment

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